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Damn good treats for damn good dogs

Broken Bone offers simple, all-natural dog treats, made from the heart, in the heartland, for the dogs you love. Who are we? Just a family of hardworking Midwestern humans who craft our treats with wholesome ingredients you understand, creating unique and tasty treats truly worthy of your favorite canine.

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Treats made from the heart, in the heartland

Broken Bone is a good, old-fashioned family business doing what we love in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We’re dedicated to something simple and honest: making damn good treats for damn good dogs. In fact, we pretend each wholesome batch we hand-make is for our own pooch. So you can be assured that every wholesome treat we bake is the best we can make it.


Only simple, natural ingredients

Your dog’s treats should be held to the same standards as your own food: natural, preservative free and healthy. You won’t find anything in our treats that you don’t recognize or can’t spell. And you certainly won’t find any additives. Broken Bone is the treat you can feel good about — and your dog will love.

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